PHAR Play Mysty For Me



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Birth Date2005-02-20
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ARI #1153057

Sale Price $7500

PHAR Play Mysty For Me is our largest female on the farm and is the alpha alpaca, or as we refer to her, "queen" or "her highness". She has an air about her. She is white and is very laid back. She is an excellent mother with plenty of rich milk. She has a lot of room for a big baby and is an experienced easy birther with plenty of rich milk. Mysty has given us JoJo, 101, Bolt and Colby. Together Bolt and 101 recently received 2nd in the Produce of Dam class at the A-OK Blastoff (2010) in Shawnee, OK. The judge's comment was that their "fleece character was slightly different". Both the boys had different sires. This means that Mysty's best qualities are coming through! Due to her size (175#) she has a heavy shear weight. We purchased Mysty from a breeder that specialized in only white, or light alpacas and had been in business for 15 years. Mysty's sire is Crescent Moon's Rainier and her great grandsire is Acero Marka's Mr Know It All.